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Helping Apacor expand into multiple locations

The Problem

In August 2021, Anthony Bellm contacted VCI to let us know that Apacor were looking to move a few employees to a new site in Binfield initially with a view to move more of the Apacor office staff there in early 2022 for a year whilst they built out their site in Wokingham.

The new building was occupied by another company so VCI were required to work with the IT team there to ensure Apacor’s IT set up worked in sync with theirs.

The Solution

We arranged a site tour in early October 2021 to assess the requirements and survey the Binfield location prior to moving some office staff there.

As Apacor had recently adopted a VoIP telephony system, there was no geographic tie to their main number, nor phone lines to move.  We just needed a working network and suitable internet connection for the Apacor team to be able to receive calls to the main telephone number as well as seamless transferring of calls between sites.

We took care to arrange the necessary equipment required for the office move, including replicating the meeting room set up in Wokingham, so the move would be as seamless as possible.

As the Binfield building was occupied by other organisations, this included supplying a network switch for the Apacor segment of the network.  This ensured we could keep the networks physically separate and provide the necessary power via network for the phone handsets. 

With the Apacor team moving into the Binfield office on 6th October, we scheduled installation in the new office for Friday 1st October. This allowed plenty of time to test everything was working efficiently and make any necessary tweaks.

Installation included collecting the existing hardware from Wokingham that needed to be moved across and setting up the desks and equipment so employees could work efficiently right from the start.

Happy Customer

“Excellent job. All very well set up and a professional job. We really appreciate it.”

Anthony Bellm, Managing Director, Apacor

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