Finding the missing piece of a service jigsaw

C8 Consulting

Migration of Data and Emails into 365 for C8 Consulting

The Problem

C8 Consulting, a PR Agency with offices in London and Reading, were working with data files stored on an on-premise server and emails in a hosted Exchange platform.

The desire was to consolidate both into a single, cohesive platform to simplify the licencing model and improve the integration options for the team.

The Solution

VCI recommended Microsoft 365 as the ideal solution to store data in the SharePoint environment and emails in the 365 Exchange platform, all protected with VCI’s robust 365 backup solution.

We removed the reliance on the single point of failure in-house server and improved the remote working options – a huge bonus as the work was completed in early 2020 before it was apparent just how much the world was about to change.

With the data move completed and working well, the email migration was carried out as a separate project during a quieter period with minimal disruption to the end users and continuity of access to historical data throughout.

Once the behind-the-scenes migration was completed, VCI assisted each user to ensure that all devices were connecting to the new mails and working as intended.

The end result has been a solution with more resilience, an improved backup facility, and still providing an overall cost saving on the monthly licence requirement.

Happy Customer

“Thank you to you all for your persistence in seeing this email migration through in a very efficient manner. The team and I are delighted with the migration. I find working with VCI to be truly rewarding, always polite and efficient. Excellent technical knowledge and a very swift turn around to problem resolution.” 

Nigel Elliott MPRCA, Finance Director, C8 Consulting

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