Cloud Services

Hosted solutions and cloud services are at the forefront of current IT thinking.

VCI has provided such services for years, including our Hosted Exchange email solution, our SharePoint services for document management and project collaboration and our cloud backup services which underpin our backup, business continuity and disaster recovery portfolio.

Cloud Migration

Moving some or all of your Data Centre capabilities into the cloud can often help reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies.

We have recently supported many of our customers with migrating their data and emails into the cloud and are here to answer any questions you may have and help advise whether this is the best solution for you and your organisation.

Remote Working

Today’s businesses increasingly have team members out of the office travelling or working remotely – but in order to be effective they need to have access to the same functionality as in the office, i.e. email, intranet, CRM and other applications.

We provide various options to allow remote access, integration and support of mobile devices which will allow your staff to be online and connected whenever and wherever they need to be.

Microsoft 365 / Hosted Mail

We can create mailboxes for all your team members, giving them access to emails wherever they are located.

If you are worried about the potential downtime and disruption caused by migrating email systems, don’t be!

We have a proven track record of completing email migrations with minimal effect on business operations.

Microsoft 365 Backup

It is a misconception to think your data is ‘safe’ just because it is in the cloud and data backups should remain a vital tool in the kit to protect your data.

With the average time before data loss being discovered calculated at 140 days, it is well-worth investing in a solution which retains backups for longer.

VCI’s Microsoft 365 backup solution protects your data and your business well beyond the limitations of the standard platform.

Data Centre Solutions

VCI is familiar with moving companies into a data centre environment whether this is a full, virtualised environment or literally physical rack space into which your hardware can be located and protected.

The data centre provides levels of redundancy and resilience which can be hard to match in a purely on-premise solution.

The data centre can provide a secure and reliable home for data and applications with a uniform working experience for users whether office-based or working remotely.

The move to a data centre can help the management of the IT budget and remove the need for costly, time consuming hardware replacement.

Whether you already use a data centre or are considering moving to one, VCI can help and advise you right from the start.

Data Backup

We have a variety of backup solutions to protect your business and provide continuity.

You cannot have too many backup options, but you can have too few!

From automated, daily off-site backups of mission critical data through to our backup appliance solution, we have a solution which will provide an appropriate, cost-effective level of continuity to your business.

Our appliance solution includes full on-site and off-site protection with multiple backup snapshots each day, intelligent scanning to help identify possible ransomware attacks as they happen, and an ability to run a virtual version of your server in the event of mission critical hardware failure. This is our top end solution for on-premise servers providing comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Customer Success Story

“Things have been a lot smoother with the cloud based solutions. No server breakdowns! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Nigel Hadleigh, Strategic Dimensions

Find out how VCI completed a successful Cloud Migration for Strategic Dimensions to ensure a robust back up system and effective business continuity plan…

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