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Strategic Dimensions

Successful Cloud Migration for Strategic Dimensions

The Problem

The HR Search business, Strategic Dimensions, and its associated HR research and networking businesses, CRF and PARC, were looking to move to a more secure, reliable method of operating.

The existing network relied upon three on-premise servers to run the network, file server and database.

Servers occasionally required full hard resets to restore functionality and the remote working solution provided a limited version of the office-based user experience.

The Solution

Inheriting the existing solution, VCI’s recommendation was to overhaul the entire network and locate the core solutions within its approved data centre.

This solution provided a uniform experience for all users regardless of whether working from the London office, home or any other remote location with internet connection. With multiple layers of redundancy built in to the data centre solution (e.g. connections, power management, virtualisation technology, 24×7 proactive monitoring, etc.) this provided resilience well beyond what could have been achieved at a reasonable price within the London HQ.

Vital business continuity was provided throughout the pandemic as users were able to operate with the familiar desktop experience, files and software with no compromise.

The solution includes 24 hourly and 30 daily backups available at any point in time, from recovering a single file edited or deleted in error to a complete virtual restore of a full server.

The virtualised servers can be moved and recreated within an hour so that, even in the event of a total system failure of one or more servers within the data centre, Strategic Dimensions can expect to be able to have full access again within two hours.

VCI Systems worked with Strategic Dimensions, CRF and PARC to ensure that they had a successful cloud migration and a backup system which matched their requirements for daily operation and effective business continuity.

Happy Customer

“Things have been a lot smoother with the cloud based solutions. No server breakdowns! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Nigel Hadleigh, Financial Controller, Strategic Dimensions

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