Cyber Security

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to any business.

It is imperative that you know that your systems, networks, programs, devices and data are well protected from cyber attacks and that the risk of unauthorised exploitation of your systems, networks and technologies is constantly monitored.

IT Security Compliance

The 2018 introduction of GDPR reminded all businesses of the importance of respecting and protecting data.

With criminals targeting personal data in all forms, every business is a target and is at risk of both legal repercussions and damaged reputation when confidential information is stolen or corrupted.

At VCI, we can conduct security audits to ensure that your business and operations comply with the relevant legislation, and help you achieve the Cyber Essentials Accreditation, a government-backed scheme which helps protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks.

Antivirus Protection

Working predominantly with the ESET product range, we offer an array of antivirus packages which can cover workstations, laptops. servers and mobile devices.

Solutions include file and operating system protection, email and browsing, and the option to have a sand-box testing environment where all unrecognised files, programs and applications are assessed off-site and analysed for any malicious content before being allowed through.

This offers high levels of protection against ‘zero-day’ threats which have yet to be recognised by any signature filtering system.

VCI can help advise on the best solution for you and your company.

Threat Monitoring and Reporting

Dealing with advanced threats is the most significant concern for cybersecurity professionals and organisations these days.

With system downtime, disruption of business operations and reduced productivity costing businesses millions each year, it is important that all is done to curtail the effects of cyber attacks as speedily as possible.

At VCI Systems, we conduct daily proactive checks and run regular reports to highlight any anomalies in order that we can fix any IT issues before you even know about them.


Any device which travels beyond the four walls of the secure office and network and which contains, or has the means of accessing, sensitive data should be encrypted.

Without encryption, accessing the data contained on a USB stick or drive is a simple exercise in plug-and-play.

Accessing the data on a lost or stolen laptop is comparatively straightforward and resetting passwords on a Windows device requires just a little knowledge and some specific tools to gain full access without even removing the drive.

If a lost device were to contain sensitive company information, a route into the network, a list of passwords, etc. the potential damage to a company or individual reaches far beyond the concerns of a lost laptop.

Business Continuity Solutions

Having a detailed business continuity and recovery plan in place is now essential for any business.

We have access to several tools which will help you draft up a good business continuity plan to ensure threats are minimised and mitigated as much as possible.

Backup Solutions

At VCI, we have recently introduced a single backup solution which covers all backup stages.

Where we have previously employed different tools and procedures to cover both quick on-site access to back up data alongside an off-site solution for disaster recovery, we can now offer a single appliance to manage both onsite and offsite backups along with total business continuity.

Here’s the exciting part; if a mission critical server fails and cannot be restarted, our solution allows us to run up a virtual copy of the failed server on the appliance hardware and have everything up and running in minutes.

What if you lose an entire office along with backup appliance to something more substantial such as fire or theft?

All is far from lost; the data is safely replicated in the cloud storage and the lost/failed server can even be run up virtually in the cloud and accessed to provide business continuity options in the absence of a physical office.

The multiple regular backups also add an even greater level of protection against ransomware.

Where a nightly backup solution has us, at best, restoring data as things stood at close of the previous day, the appliance-based solution has built-in intelligence to help spot the typical behaviour of a ransomware attack and allows us to roll data back to the last good backup which can be taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

Validating each backup process is as important as running it and, as a simple rule, we maintain that you can’t have too many backups but you can have too few!

Remember, simply putting your data in the cloud is not a reason to stop backing up.

The most appropriate backup strategy in terms of medium, cost and frequency will vary across different organisations – we are here to advise you on which solution would suit you best.

Advanced Domain Name Monitoring

One of the latest additions to the VCI toolkit, our proactive Advanced Domain Name Monitoring solution continuously scans the domain name to provide an informed overview of the status of the domain health and security.

Multiple checks give insight to potential vulnerabilities which include;
– alerting us to any similar domain names registered
– alerting us to any emails found in compromised data lists
– allowing the creation of dummy records which can be introduced into your data as an early warning system to any breach
– warnings of website vulnerabilities
– and many more.

Customer Success Story

“Hand on heart, I could not wish for a better company to work with in this area of my business.

Highly, highly recommend!!!”

Mike Adlem, Caversham Coachworks

Find out how VCI supported Caversham Coachworks in attaining the Cyber Essentials plus accreditation to ensure secure work practices…

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