Communication Services

With information being exchanged through a variety of channels, both internally and externally, IT communication services are key to the success of your business.

We’re here to help you get communication right…right from the start.

Business Broadband

We partner with a range of providers allowing us to provide options on connectivity; fibre to the cabinet, fibre to the property, leased lines, 4G and 5G, mobile and remote site connections.

If your connection speeds are slow, it could be time to change or may simply need some investigation to identify and resolve whatever is restricting the link.

We can help troubleshoot problematic connections and recommend appropriate alternatives as required.

Failover Connection Options

If losing the internet connection can be measured in monetary terms, you may well find a year’s failover service compares very favourably with the cost of just a few hours of internet disruption.

An internet failover solution will enable your business to stay online even if your primary internet connection fails.

VoIP Telephony Solutions

We have various options for hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems.

Removing the geographical tie to phone lines or an on-premise system, the cloud-hosted solutions give you freedom, affordable monthly costs and next to no capital expenditure compared with the typical PBX systems once taking up space on the office wall.

There are further savings to be had when moving away from multi-line phone systems.

VoIP systems can still present you with the familiar phone handset on the desk or, if more suitable to your way of working, a softphone running on a PC or laptop, or app on the mobile.

With fast and reliable broadband common place, there has been no better time to make this change if you are still on a conventional phone system.

Customer Success Story

Virgo Beauty Logo

“The VoIP telephone system VCI suggested and installed has been perfect and has allowed me the flexibility to take calls wherever I am and contact customers quickly and efficiently.”

Sarah Virgo, Virgo Beauty Salon

Find out how VCI introduced VOIP to Virgo Beauty for seamless remote working…

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