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Virgo Beauty

VoIP Installation saves Virgo Beauty time, money and stress with seamless remote working

The Problem

Sarah Virgo, owner of award-winning beauty salon Virgo Beauty in Goring, came to us in 2019 to ask whether we could review the salon’s telephone system. Sarah had been struggling with faulty telephone lines and poor support from the current provider leaving her with a solution that did not suit her needs.

Due to the nature of her role, Sarah was keen to be able to answer telephone calls from clients wherever she was located – whether in the salon or out and about.

The Solution

We recommended a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for Sarah.

The VoIP system we installed allows for seamless remote working by taking Virgo Beauty’s phone system into the Cloud. With no geographical tie, calls can be made or received both in and out of the salon with no need for costly call forwarding.

This solution allowed Sarah to budget more effectively with fixed line costs, improved functionality and lower call cost, along with no additional maintenance charges common with a conventional phone system.

Sarah now works with both handsets in the salon and an app on her mobile device which enables her to work remotely but function as if sat at the salon reception desk. Clients see the familiar salon number presented when Sarah phones out, even from the mobile.

With Virgo Beauty recently expanding into a new salon in Pangbourne, the VoIP system has assisted further with seamless integration of both salons on the single phone solution. External calls can be transferred or re-routed internally between salons at no cost and can still be managed and answered by Sarah when out of the salon should the need arise.

Happy Customer

The VoIP telephone system VCI suggested and installed has been perfect and has allowed me the flexibility to take calls wherever I am and contact customers quickly and efficiently. Everything’s worked really well. When I have made a phone call, I’ve had really helpful support and advice and immediate solutions over the phone as soon as I have made contact. I can’t recommend VCI enough. A very quick and efficient service and the advice was so helpful, giving me options without the hard sell.”

Sarah Virgo, Owner, Virgo Beauty Salon

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