Clearing up Cable Confusion

On occasions where we ask someone to check or move a cable there may be understandable confusion as to which cable is which – particularly given the almost supernatural ability possessing all cables where they entangle themselves seemingly without any external input.

We recently received a call from a client whose screen display had a distinct pink appearance. We recommended checking the monitor-to-PC cable and our suspicion proved to be correct; the cable had become slightly loose at one end and was no longer making a full contact. Another problem solved in seconds which keeps everyone happy.

We often find network cables also have the propensity to misbehave (possibly a build up of static electricity) where the fix is simply to disconnect and reconnect the connection at the back of the PC.

Indeed, when checking any cable connection, our advice is to remove and reconnect rather than just wiggle the cable end….with the notable exception of the power lead if the PC in question is switched on at the time.

You can view our ‘Cable & Socket Identification Guide’ to clear up your cable confusion by clicking on the link below.

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