Spring Dusting (of snow!)

Although the scene from my window currently tells a different story we’re but a few short days away from the longer evenings and, as from today, officially into spring. Whilst this year spring has brought with it a dusting of snow it more traditionally welcomes the eponymous spring clean. If you’re stuck inside waiting on the sun then there is no better time to tackle it. Once those warmer evenings roll around you’ll be free to enjoy them.

VCI Systems can’t help you with the deep clean but we can help you dispose of all those retired PCs and any obsolete kit that you’ll rescue from the back of cupboards and under desks. We work with leading WEEE registered PC recyclers to ensure your PCs are quickly and effectively recycled, helping prevent thousands of tonnes of computer waste from going to landfill sites.

It isn’t just the feel good factor of helping the environment. With GDPR coming into effect in May you could risk hefty fines for just ‘throwing out’ a PC. A deleted email or file isn’t truly deleted from a PC and with specialist software can be retrieved. Simply taking PCs to your local waste collection centre isn’t good enough – you have no idea what happens to them once you’re gone. It only takes one person to walk around collecting discarded PCs and they have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Thankfully the recyclers we use follow industry leading practice to securely wipe every unit passed on to them and then supply us with a certification of data destruction. For that added piece of mind we run our own military grade, secure wipe on each PC before we pass it over to the recyclers so you can be sure your data has been handled correctly and in-line with GDPR compliance.

For more information or to discuss a collection please do give us a call on 0118 9767111.

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