New Year’s Resolutions…

Turkey sandwiches for packed lunch…..but only for a few more days.  No more chocolates, ease back on the wine, dig out and dust off the old gym membership card.  The new year brings with it the cathartic, slate-cleaning new year’s resolutions – a list full of good intentions, hope, and the promise of improvement.

Might we perhaps suggest a couple of resolutions with your network’s best interests, health and well being in mind?

1 – Retire any remaining XP PC’s – the operating system has already been obsolete for 8 months making the use of XP machines an increasingly precarious choice, and the list of current software which won’t work on the platform (notably new versions of Sage) is growing.

2 – If you still have any 2003 servers in place on the network, plan to replace them in the next 6 months.  This operating system will also go end of life though, unlike a workstation, replacing the server isn’t simply a case of switching the old one off and introducing something new.  Depending upon the role of the server there can be any number of networking roles to migrate which may include significant changes to the network itself.  These need to be planned and scheduled accordingly.

If you realise either of these are relevant to you as you plan your 2015, come and talk with us to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge for a smooth changeover.

In the course of things, don’t overlook the usual topics such as password security, safe email practice, scam awareness, etc. but you only need to work through our previous articles to pick up some helpful hints on these.

At last, resolutions which are achievable – in the meantime, remember the red wine is good for you.

Happy new year