Performance gains via Solid-State Disk (SSD)

Does your PC take an age to start up in the morning? Do you dread rebooting your PC knowing you’ll have about half an hour or so of sluggish behaviour to sit through?

If it has got to the stage where you’re considering a replacement, and a fast start-up time is important, it may be worth considering a Solid-State Disk (SSD) in your new PC.

SSD is a non-volatile storage device that stores persistent data on solid state flash memory. Whilst that may sound like a bit of flash tech-jargon there are a number of key benefits. Firstly, with no moving parts there is nothing to wear out or crash if the PC is knocked. Secondly, the boot up time from hitting the power button to logging on can be less than 10 seconds and the PC is logged on and ready to use a few seconds later.

Solid-State Disks come in smaller sizes than more traditional storage mediums. If you need a lot of storage, a great option is to use your SSD to contain your program files along with all the applications you use (Office, Sage etc). Doing so gives your PC the speed benefit for those commonly used system files whilst a second, larger, regular hard drive gives you the space required to store your data.

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