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5 Key Considerations for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Communication is key to a successful business these days but just what is key to successful communication?

With information being exchanged through a variety of communication channels both internally and externally, an organised set up and system for each chosen communication channel will help your company run efficiently, boost productivity and reduce stress.

Companies and teams are often spread across different offices, different regions and even different time zones. It is easy to see how information can be missed or lost when they are communicating with each other, as well as to external suppliers and customers, without an organised communication system. This could have a detrimental effect on the success of any business.

Internet Provider

First off, a reliable internet provider is an absolute must for effective workplace communication.

Whether you’re downloading documents, holding a meeting over Skype or attending a webinar, a slow internet speed can be down-right frustrating and unproductive.

We have helped several customers who have laboured over slow internet speeds and would be only too happy to help look into the reasons for any slow speed you’re experiencing, help advise on the best providers available in your area and help you switch product or provider as necessary.


We recommend a secure Hosted Exchange mail platform and Microsoft Outlook for effective email use and organisation.

Hosted Exchange, where-by emails and the services that provide them are hosted in the cloud, is cost-effective, incorporates regular updates and easily integrates with other Microsoft applications giving the user the most seamless experience possible.

If you are worried about the potential downtime and disruption when migrating email systems, don’t be!  We have a proven track record of completing email migrations with minimal effect on business operation.

Sharing Documents

With employees often needing to access and amend the same documents, an optimal filing system is key to ensure changes don’t get lost in communication.

A secure network and backup system will ensure information is not misplaced or misused and remote-access programs, such as Sharepoint or Google docs, allow remote users to easily save and share pieces of work.

Telephone System

Phones are still one of the most important methods of communication so it is worth investing in a good phone system and a decent handset for all employees.

The hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system we recommend and install takes your phone system onto the Cloud and is ideal for SMEs looking for fixed cost business telephony with improved functionality and lower call cost. With no additional maintenance charges, each user has their own line and calls are routed via your internet.

VoIP allows for seamless remote working whereby all members of staff can still be part of the office phone system no matter where they’re based. Options include a full VoIP phone handset, software on a PC or laptop, or an app on a mobile device. This, coupled with appropriate access to the company data, enables staff to function as if sat at his or her office desk.

Mobile Phones

And talking about mobile devices, it is now inevitable that many of your employees will be out on the road, working remotely and will, therefore, require a mobile phone.

As there are now so many mobile phone packages to choose from, how do you go about making the right choice for your employees?

Holding key accounts with the main providers, we can help you not only source mobile phones but also advise on the best packages available for you at the best rates.

We have helped several companies integrate disjointed email systems, replace temperamental phone lines and expand their communication systems to integrate remote workers – all with minimal impact and downtime for the business but with maximum long-term efficiency.

If you are concerned that your communication methods aren’t working as effectively as possible, what better way to resolve them than picking up the phone? Give us a call and have a chat with us on 0118 9767111.

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