Finding the missing piece of a service jigsaw

Voicebox Public Relations

Becoming the Trusted IT Partner to Voicebox PR

The Problem

Michelle started her own PR agency, Voicebox Public Relations, back in 1998.

Whilst she focused on getting her agency up and running, Michelle hired an external IT Consultant to help her.

This IT Consultant was charging Michelle a substantial monthly fee but was away and uncontactable for large periods of time. He advised Michelle to manually change the backup tapes every day, which she was diligently doing, and often came on site to resolve issues which Michelle felt could have been done remotely, thereby saving her the call-out fee.

Unfortunately, Michelle just didn’t trust this IT Consultant and didn’t feel he had her best interests at heart.

The Solution

Michelle worked in a serviced office at the time and would regularly see Robert coming in to help a neighbour with their IT solutions. In Michelle’s words, “Robert was accompanied by a wonderful teammate – a beautiful Alsatian called JD who originally caught my eye!”

Having heard from her neighbour about how well VCI was looking after them, Michelle decided to chat to Robert and ask if he could help her too.

When Robert took over the account, he couldn’t quite believe just how much Michelle was paying for the IT Consultant – and just how little she was getting in return. Even worse, the backup tapes which Michelle had been diligently changing every day, had not been checked and were not actually recording…so Michelle’s business was at risk!

Robert was delighted to help Michelle, ensuring Voicebox PR’s backups were working correctly, that Michelle’s remote team could access the necessary systems and documents, and providing ad hoc IT support whenever required.

Michelle has now been a valued customer of VCI for over 18 years and we are delighted to be able to support Michelle with IT services and solutions she can trust.

Happy Customer

“VCI have restored my faith in IT Consultants. I have been with them for over 18 years now and would 100% recommend VCI. They are really cost effective. The team’s fantastic – they are part of my team. I feel really comfortable with them and they never make me feel embarrassed about the stupidest things. I trust them implicitly. They’re a fantastic asset to any business.”

Michelle McCarthy, Voicebox PR

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