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Smile, you’re on Camera!

CCTV systems have been available for a long time whether providing monitoring, safety or security. In keeping with other areas of technology (telephony, audio-visual, etc.) selecting camera solutions which integrate with the network broadens the functionality with multiple points of access on site or remotely, email notification of activity, etc.

VCI is able to help you select an appropriate solution whether this be single-point monitoring of the main entrance through to a full security solution with multiple cameras and everything in between.

The availability of HD cameras means that what was once a blurred image of a moving person or vehicle is now a defined image of the face or readable number plate.

Be warned, however, that the image quality relies on more than just the resolution. The camera (particularly lens) quality and other factors such as low light capabilities are integral parts of the solution and a cheap solution readily available from some on line stores are not always the answer.  It can be most frustrating to under-invest in a security solution and find the output is next to useless at the time it is most needed.

If you are thinking about introducing a camera solution, come and talk to us and we can help provide a clear picture in every sense.

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