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Backup and beyond – the business continuity you always wanted but couldn’t afford

I’m not quite old enough to have worked with spools of half inch tape but magnetic tape was certainly the go-to medium for data backup on the first networks I managed. Backup solutions have changed considerably over the years – where we once talked about data backups we now talk about disaster recovery and business continuity.

In a way they are all part of the same thing; it starts with the simple premise of having more than just the live copy of the vital data and extends into the means by which that data can be recovered in the event of disaster and the business continue to function. Most businesses can expect an amount of disruption and downtime with the loss of a mission critical server though, with an increased reliance on technology, many are unable to function and trade effectively until all hardware and data has been recovered and restored.

VCI Systems now offer a single backup solution which covers all stages. Where we have previously employed different tools and procedures to cover both quick on-site access to back up data alongside an off-site solution for disaster recovery, we can now offer a single appliance to manage both on-site and off-site backups along with total business continuity. Here’s the exciting part; if a mission critical server fails and cannot be restarted, our solution allows us to run up a virtual copy of the failed server on the appliance hardware and have everything up and running in minutes.

What if you lose an entire office along with backup appliance to something more substantial such as fire or theft? All is far from lost; the data is safely replicated in the cloud storage and the lost/failed server can even be run up virtually in the cloud and accessed to provide business continuity options in the absence of a physical office.

The multiple regular backups also add an even greater level of protection against ransomware. Where a nightly backup solution has us, at best, restoring data as things stood at close of the previous day, the appliance based solution has built-in intelligence to help spot the typical behaviour of a ransomware attack and allows us to roll data back to the last good backup which can be taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

This solution is a game-changer. We have worked with various backup tools and even business continuity failover solutions for years now but there has been nothing as comprehensive as this available in a single appliance at a price the small business budget can justify. If you have a mission critical server that you cannot afford to be without, VCI Systems has a solution within your budget which will guarantee minimal disruption even in the event of a total hardware failure.

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