Security as a service (not a box).

IT security has often taken the form of a boxed product, either an appliance on a network or software on a device, which could be purchased and installed. With the increasing complexity of modern IT environments, this is no longer enough and the security requirements dictate the need for a more flexible service approach.

Big doors and strong locks

Think of the countless times you have seen a film where, at some point in time, the protagonist bangs on a huge metal door in a run down part of town. A small hatch slides open and the minder, upwards of 280lbs of animated scar-tissue, gazes out with ultimate power over what happens next. The door has been built to repel a small army but it is the presence of the in-house giant that provides control over what makes it in (or out).

Traditional solutions were the equivalent to the big metal door – functional and secure as long as it remains shut. In reality, one way or another that door will get opened on occasions. This is where IT security as a service steps in.

Security Services add ‘the minder’

Businesses should be utilising proactive services rather than just reacting to problems. Solutions could include management of security patches and and antivirus status monitoring, intelligent anti-ransomware tools, next-generation firewalls, right the way through to full Security Operations Centre (SOC) services. The SOC offers 24×7 monitoring with specialist security teams making real-time, informed decisions based upon the collated information – a much more sophisticated version of the aforementioned door minder.

IT Security really needs to be more than just a strong door with big locks – it also needs the intelligent assessment of what is coming through the door once opened. By outsourcing security needs to third-party providers, businesses can benefit from specialized expertise, greater scalability, and cost-effectiveness. As cyber threats continue to evolve, IT security as a service is likely to become even more important in the years to come.

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