April 2023 – prices set to rise across the board

Technology has seen prices fluctuate significantly over the last three years. As the world rushed to work from home we saw hardware shortages combine with the wider silicon chip shortage leaving costs rising.

2022 saw Microsoft introduce their first significant price changes in their subscription model in a number of years and they are set to do it again from April. Microsoft’s announcement stated that they are;

“….taking several steps to align the pricing of our Microsoft Cloud products globally, meaning customers will have consistent pricing reflecting the exchange rate of the local currency to the US dollar (USD). Starting April 1, 2023, pricing for Microsoft Cloud products will be adjusted in the following currencies:

In the future, Microsoft will assess pricing in local currency as part of a regular twice a year cadence, taking into consideration currency fluctuations relative to the USD.”

Along side Microsoft, we have been inundated with various providers advising us of imminent price rises. The increased cost of energy across the board has meant that data centre prices are about to see a jump which affects our hosted clients and may well trickle through to many backup solutions too. Just about every internet and mobile phone provider with whom we partner has advised of price rises likely to occur in April.

We are holding our prices until we know all of the services affected but are likely to be forced to make corresponding changes ourselves in our late April/early May reoccurring service invoices.