Microsoft changes its default font

The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that your emails are looking slightly different at the moment. We have fielded a few calls on this recently as any unexpected changes are often a cause for concern – sometimes with good reason.

On this occasion, Microsoft has decided to change their default font (from Calibri to AptosTM) and recent 365 updates have rolled out this change to not just Outlook (where most users have spotted it first) but also to other products in the office suite.

The thinking behind this was largely aimed at selecting a font which is better suited to the higher resolution screens that many of us are now using. Calibri replaced Times New Roman back in 2007 which was also the first year that flat-screen monitors outsold CRT screens so most users were still in front of the older 3:4 ratio screens and higher resolutions and widescreen monitors were yet to become the norm.

You can still change back if you really want to but we’re inclined to recommend that you embrace the change. I would add that, as a general rule, don’t lose too much time over extensive email formatting – fonts, font colours and images don’t always make it into everyone’s inbox in the same format that you see when you send.

If you want to read more on Microsoft’s thinking you can find a good, short article here.

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