Don’t Fall for Facebook Fact-finders!

At first glance, this looks like just a bit of fun! A trip down memory lane, your place of birth, your month of birth, your first holiday abroad…

But all is not as it seems – and just look at the number of comments attached to these posts, the number of people taken in by them sadly.

We have previously written about the innocent-sounding game, “What’s your Movie Star name?” – a ‘game’ which encourages you to divulge the name of your first pet together with your mother’s maiden name on social media. Seems harmless enough until you realize those are exactly the pieces of info required when needing to access your bank account, having forgotten your password!

These latest posts spotted on Facebook follow the same vein, of course. With scammers getting wise to the most-used security questions, the security questions have been changed. And the scammers have followed suit.

Together with your full name and date of birth, both often easily accessible on social media, this is all the info needed for criminals to crack open your personal files and cause all sorts of chaos.

So next time you’re about to answer a question posed by a random stranger on social media, asking you to delve into your deepest memory banks, STOP!

Scroll on past, suggest that others do the same and report them to be removed as quickly as possible!