The VCI Viewpoint

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Useful Tech Tasks for Quieter Times


Install a Standing Desk for Healthier Living

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Recycle Unwanted IT Equipment

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5 ways hackers steal your password – & how to stop them!

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Save Time with Key Keyboard Shortcuts

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New Year, New Outlook

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Planning for an Office Move?

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Clear Cookies for Holiday Deals

Connor Chiles joins the VCI Team!

Don’t Fall for Facebook Fact-finders!

5 Signs to Help Spot Scam Emails

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Getting Fit with Gadgets post Lockdown

Planning for Downsizing

Cloud access – when the clouds are full

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Top 10 Ideas for Free Family Time Online

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Seasonal Switch-Off for Digital Detox & Downtime

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Christmas Shopping – Compassion, Cookies & Scams!

Memories Made on Holiday

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Planning for new Premises

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Getting Fit with Gadgets

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Spring into Action – Clean out your PC’s Easter (Dust) Bunnies!

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Looking for ‘Mr Right’…from the Start: Tips on Finding the Perfect IT Support Partner

Remote working?…’snow problem’

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#DryJanuary, #Veganuary or #DigitalDetox anyone?

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Hi-Tech Memories: Lost & Found

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Christmas Compassion, Cookies & Seasonal Shopping Scams

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The Value of both the Team and the Individual

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Computer-Aided Learning in the Classroom

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Thoughts on Tech-Aided Travel

A Night Out with Technology

Happy GDPR Day – it will be alright

Marathon Strides in Sports Technology

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

At Home with Technology – How Alexa, IFTTT & Harmony Hub can work for you!

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Pitfalls of social media

Celebrating 200 years of the bike

Living with Facebook

Festive greetings from VCI

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas