Hi-Tech Memories: Lost & Found

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

It all started when we had a power cut…my alarm didn’t go off…and the next thing I knew it was 8am…! We were in a panic, we were in a rush, kids dressed, quick breakfast, no coffee, brush teeth, grab bags…and we’re out of the door…!

I’m off to a meeting at an office I’ve never been to before…Kids dropped off at school, sat nav on, address googled, postcode in…and I’m off..!

It got me thinking…are we becoming over-reliant on technology and what effect is that having?

I remember, back at school, a rainy play-time and a friend and I used to pass the time by remembering all our friend’s phone numbers and for some reason known only to ourselves, scribbling them on our hands and arms…we were covered, and we knew they were correct as we used them all the time…from the land-line!

Well, now I would be hard-pushed to remember a couple of phone numbers other than my own…all due to my mobile phone recalling them for me.

Similarly, birthdays and other important dates – I remember family birthdays and the all-important wedding anniversary but, other than that, they’re few and far between. Is it because I know so many more people now? That my circle of family and friends has expanded beyond recognition? Or just that my memory is no longer used in this way whilst I become more & more reliant on technology?

Sadly, it’s the latter…with my mobile phone and Google calendar now remembering and reminding me a couple of days in advance when I should be buying pressies & sending cards, there’s no need to commit these dates to memory any longer.

Funnily enough, there are now apps to help you improve your memory and alertness. Luminosity is one, recommended by my aunt in order to ‘work those little grey cells’ now she’s retired – I’m using it now, just to work my memory.

The sad thing is that my kids also don’t seem to remember much.

“What did you do at school today?” – “Hmm…can’t remember!”

“What did you have for lunch?” – “Hmm…can’t remember!”

Hmm..think we’d better do something about that..!

Whilst computer games are becoming ever-popular – and my son’s go-to choice for a bit of down-time and relaxation – it is important that we remember to throw in some hands-on memory games too. Whether it’s a card game, or a tray covered with items which are secretly removed and need to be recalled (you know the one? My kids loved this the other day!), let’s come away from screen and have some fun face-to-face time. This time together will not only help enhance the memory but boost those all-important bonds too.

Don’t get me wrong, whilst technology can have a detrimental effect on our memory-banks, it can also be fabulous at helping us find and recall important moments. You only need to log on to Facebook to be reminded of the rate at which your children are growing or the crazy hair-styles you had, back in the day!

While technology definitely has its plus points, it needs to be used in moderation and we need to remember to step away once in a while. Let’s not become too over-reliant on technology, but instead learn to rely on each other again and our own marvellous memories.