Remote working?…’snow problem’

A quick look out through the window this morning confirmed the overnight arrival of the forecast snow.  In previous years the first arrival of snow has brought with it a number of calls from users requiring remote access to the network, emails configured on external devices, telephone numbers redirected and voicemail greetings amended.

For many of our clients these things are now not an issue.  We provide the facilities for secure remote access as standard and the phone systems we recommend and install allow for seamless remote working without needing to redirect any numbers; users can still be a part of the office phone system using a VoIP handset at home, take calls via a PC or laptop, or use an app on the mobile device.

You may be snowed in, parts of the journey unsafe to undertake, or looking after children following a school closure.  Whatever the circumstances, you can still be a part of the office and network.

For help staying connected whatever the weather, contact us on 0118 976 7111