Good things – & High PC Performance! – come in Small Packages

The requirement to fit a power supply with self-contained fan, the ability to add one’s own upgrades, and the demands of cooling the heat-generating components are amongst the factors which determined the size of the conventional PC ‘box’ with which we are all familiar. During the early 2000’s we finally moved away from the drab beige units but your average PC is still hardly an aesthetically pleasing addition to the office space.

Changes in power supplies and cooling requirements are helping to address this and there are now options for some rather neat small computers which still pack the full specification punch.

We have recently supplied units which measure 192 x 204 x 35mm (shown on the right in the above picture) – place a couple of good paperback books side by side and you could hide the PC.

Such units fit almost anywhere – smart enough to not look out of place on top of the desk, small enough to slide onto under-desk drawer units or conveniently mounted to the back of any desk-standing flat screen with a VESA Mount using the supplied bracket.

What is more, keeping the PC up off the floor reduces the performance hit caused by dust ingress (see our recent article) as well as removing those occasional collisions with foot or chair casters endured by the floor-standing hardware.

Not only will you be working with a high-specification PC, you might just have to find something to fill all the space you have freed up.

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