Has your password just taken flight?

This week EasyJet have announced a data breach affecting up to 9 million of its customers which includes email addresses, travel details and, in some cases, credit card details.

If you have previously travelled with EasyJet here are 5 things you should be doing right now.

1 – check whether your credit card details have been compromised.
EasyJet have endeavoured to contact clients for whom this has happened, but you can also contact your credit card company directly if you have cause for concern.

2 – change your password to your on-line Easyjet account.
It is best to assume your details may have been included and make this change

3 – if you used this same password anywhere else, change those site passwords too
We always recommend having unique passwords for each service and site. It isn’t as hard to manage as you may think – see some of our password suggestions here

4 – Pay extra attention to emails and be aware of phishing scams
With the potential compromise of some of your personal details it may become easier for a phishing email to appear more convincing based upon the inclusion of accurate data. If an email prompts you to access a site, type the correct address into your browser rather than rely on a link within an email.

5 – did you have to do anything for step 3?
There is a reason we recommend the unique passwords. If you had to update several sites and did stick with the same new password, you will being doing this again in the not too distant future when another site gets compromised.

Please contact us (details below) if you have any concerns or would like a review of your current cyber security.